Jean Claude (JC) Jones
Double-bassist / guitarist

Jean Claude Jones was born in Sfax, Tunisia and moved to France as a young child. As a teen, he Jean Claude (JC) Jones was born in Sfax, Tunisia, and moved to France as a young child. As a teen, he taught himself simultaneously to play lead and bass guitar.
At the age of 17 he began working in professional pop and jazz bands. In 1978 he moved to the US to pursue formal music studies, graduating from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he majored in jazz guitar. He continued his studies at the Music Institute of Technology in Los Angeles. In 1983 he emigrated to Israel, where he became a key player on the newly developing jazz scene. Several years later he made a definitive switch from guitar to double bass, and became involved in free improvised music. In time, he added electronics and computer-manipulated sounds to his musical arsenal. In 2016 he returned the guitar as his main instrument.
The driving force behind his work is "finding my space."

JC Jones is an esteemed music educator, and served as chair of the Jazz Department at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance between 1996 and 2000. He has performed and recorded with many leading international and Israeli musicians, dancers, poets, and vocal artists, including Stan Getz, Red Rodney, and Dave Liebman. Since the 1990s he has appeared with John Zorn, Anthony Coleman, Ned Rothenberg, Joey Baron, Marc Ribot, Ikue Mori, Mike Patton, Damon Smith, Joelle Leandre, Slava Ganelin, Steve Horenstein, Albert Beger, Arkady Gotesman, Avishai Cohen, Ariel Shibolet, Harold Rubin, Victoria Hanna, Josef Sprinzak, Amos Hetz, Anat Shamgar , Felix Ruckert, Dieter Hautkamp, Julyen Hamilton, Mark Dresser, Barre Phillips, Bert Turetzky, Irina Kalina Goudeva, Raymond Boni, Raphael Saint-Remy, and Denis Fournier.

Some of JC's major projects include Deep Tones for Peace performances, the Kadima Triptych Series (cds/dvds/texts featuring double-bass masters), Myelination (the myelin chemical sounds and improvised music), and The Temperamental Duo, a collaborative work on Lydian + Explorations with composer/reeds player Steve Horenstein.
Since 2016 he has been working with prepared acoustic guitar, in multiple collaborations and recordings with several eminent musicians. Ongoing works includes Keep on Dancing, duos recordings with percussionists Haim Peskoff, Haggai Fershtman, Omri Mor, Denis Fournier, and JC on prepared acoustic lap-style guitar, Sick Puppies In Love duos with vocalist Anat Pick, and guitars duo recordings with Raymond Boni.


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Jean Claude Jones With Friends
KCR 01, 2004
J.C. Jones With Friends
Duos II
KCR 02, 2005
Harold Rubin & J.C. Jones
Muse & Music
KCR 03, 2005
Gan Lev & Jean Claude Jones
KCR 05, 2005
Temperamental Trio
Raw and the Cooked
KCR 06, 2006
J.C. Jones
Hosting Myself
KCR 08, 2006
Wight Night in
Tel Aviv
June 2006 -
KCR 11, 2007
Ariel Shibolet and Between the Strings LIVE AT THE TEL AVIV MUSEUM
November 2006 -
KCR 13
February 2008 -
KCR 14
Joelle Leandre
Live in Israel
KCR 17, 2008
Gunter Baby Sommer
Live in Jerusalem,
KCR 19, 2009
Mark Dresser, Irina-Kalina Goudeva, JC Jones,
Barre Phillips, Bert Turetzky.
Sonic Brotherhood
KCR 31, 2011
Featuring Steve Horenstein baritone sax,Yoni Silver bass clarinet, Harold Rubin clarinet and voice, Ariel Shibolet soprano sax, Jake Marmer poetry, JC Jones bass and vocalist Yael Tai
Myelination - JC Jones
KCR 32, 2011
JC Jones Solo Bass
KCR 36, 2012
Myelination 2
Meira Asher: voice, no-input mixer, Doepfer synthesizer
JC Jones: double-bass
KCR 37, 2013
Esoteric Duos
Jones Kretzmer back
KCR 40, 2016 _________________
Wild Strings Musings
Jean Claude (JC) Jones Lap-style classical guitar free improvisations
KCR 42, 2016 _________________
Whatever It Takes
JC Jones guitar & Denis Fournier drums
KCR 43, 2016 _________________
Jean Claude (JC) Jones lap-style spanish guitar PTs plug-ins bass banjo Raphael Saint-Remy piano tpt haut-cuivre electronics
KCR 44, 2016 _________________
Sick Puppies in Love
Anat Pick voice, objects Jean Claude (JC) Jones lap-style spanish guitar, voice, sound processing
KCR 45, 2017 _________________
The Eb Lydian Augmented project
Steve Horenstein, baryton saxophone
JC Jones Bass
KCR 46, 2017 _________________