Yuval Mesner
Cello, Composer

Yuval Mesner was born in 1965 in Oslo, Norway. He emigrated to Israel in1970. Mesner plays the cello since the age of eight, and has studied at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and at the Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music in Ramat Hasharon.

Since his early twenties Mesner plays the cello in various styles, including rock, jazz, world music, flamenco, fado, and others, and has recorded and performed with many popular Israeli singers such as Esther Ofarim, Korin Alal, Dana Berger, and Ramy Kleinstein. He has also performed improvisational music with musicians such as Harold Rubin, Steve Horenstein, and JC Jones. His first band was Tattoo, an alternative rock band that released a highly acclaimed disc in 1988. In 1990 he founded the rock-pop band Balagan, which released a popular disc, with Mesner writing and arranging the songs and producing the disc.

Between 1992 and 1995 he lived in Amsterdam, Holland, where he played with a Portugese fado band, and served as composer and musical manager of the theatre group Azart - The Ship of Fools (www.azart.org).


Since 1996 he has been writing music for numerous theater plays in Israel, including Har Lo Zaz and Tamara for Habima National Theatre, Apples from the Desert and Death Reason for Beit Lessin Theatre, and Boris Shpilman and Last Tree of Jerusalem for the Haifa Theatre.


Mesner won prizes for his compositions at the 1998 Acco Theatre Festival and the 2006 Haifa Festival for Children.


In 2004 Mesner released the Mesner Quartet disc with the singers Eran Tzur and Alona Daniel, for which he arranged rock songs for a string quartet.

Since 1986 Mesner has bee a member of the influential Israeli world-music East-West Ensemble, which released four discs and toured Europe, the United States, Hong Kong and Japan. Mesner and JC Jones are currently recording a new disc of improvised music for cello and bass.

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